OK, so I don’t hate digital photography, without a doubt it’s never been easier to capture and share photos, this is absolutely a good thing. However I get a little saddened when aspiring photographers obsess about mega pixels or photoshop the crap out of their photos.

Fck digital is a project to help me gain a better understanding about film photography and to share the serendipity it brings.


Most photos have been taken with holga 120N cameras, one being hacked to have an actual aperture setting, other cameras include a supersampler and La Sardina (Marathon squid). I’m experimenting with various films types, black and white, colour, ISOs etc. I love medium 120mm format the holga was designed for but also enjoy 36mm film where the development over the sprocket holes adds a different feel.


It all started from a post from @yourwaitress on twitter. Your Waitress, an Oakland photographer who only uses film cameras linked to a charming little clip about the pros and cons of holga photography and it totally appealed.

Lots of online research followed along with the book Plastic Cameras, Toying with Creativity which is an excellent guide to film photography using cheap cameras. It has both photographic inspiration and info on how to get going with film, mostly holga photography but it does cover a bit about Diana cameras too.

About my photography

As a kid I vaguely remember my parents having film camera/s that they had to manually wind on to prevent a double exposure and cursing when the film was developed and they found some photos were double exposed. I have owned a couple of film cameras of my own, they were digitised to the point of automatically winding on with the flashiest having a LCD display for frame count and flash on/off.

When digital cameras came out I loved the idea and was the first person I knew to get one. Since then I have gotten a little more serious about photography, mostly portrait, nudes, events.

I admit I have relied on photoshop and other photo editing packages to process and manipulate the photos. But a few things happened that made digital less attractive to me.

  1. The photographic process was becoming a bit of a chore, because there is no real cost to taking a digital photo I was going crazy, with an attitude along the lines of “there’s bound to be a good one if I take enough”. But the truth was there often wasn’t and flipping through 100s of similar photos wasn’t much fun, and that’s before the post processing came in.
  2. I started using Ubuntu, linux as my main computer operating system. It does everything that my PC or Mac does apart from run photoshop. There are various graphics software packages for Linux but I was used to photoshop and booting up to mac/pc was a bit of a pain.

The convenience that attracted me to digital photography in the first place was becoming complicated time consuming chore that put me off taking photos all together.

Using the film camera has brought back an element of fun into my photography and I find the quirks of the holga quite wonderful.

About the website

I experimented with a few content management systems designed for photography but settled on self hosted wordpress where I could customise the site as I wished.

As for the design, I have mixed feelings about the light box effect, it’s great for focusing on the content but I find the delay in flipping from one to the next irritating so went old school with a vertical scroll, sizing the images where they can be viewed independently minimising navigation and other distractions.

The theme was developed from the naked html5 wordpress theme called “Handcrafted WP Starter Theme” by Randy Jensen and friends – thanks guys (and everyone who has contributed to wordpress of course).

The name fckdigital

The challenge was to come up with something short and easy to remember, “fuck digital photography” is pretty much how I’m feeling at the moment, fckdigital, a slightly less offensive way of saying it that will hopefully get under any clumsy censorship filters.

Copyright license

Anyone is free to do whatever they want with my photos as long as it’s for non commercial purposes with credit or link back depending on context.

About me

Clifford Brown

My name is Clifford Brown, I’m a South African born Brit, happiest being creative and enjoying the simple things in life.

Contact me if you wish to use a photo for commercial purposes.